I have been a photographer all my life , starting out playing with my grandfather's Zeiss Icon twin lens reflex ( which I still have ) , moving up to my father's Argus C3 ( which I also still have ) and finally through a run of Japanese cameras until I settled on Leica M6's , which I recently and somewhat reluctantly sold . My only film camera left is my father's old Leica M3 . I also went through a period of time in the 1980's shooting the building boom of Seattle with a Linhof Technikarden 4X5 . I plan to eventually scan these negatives and post them here . 

An update here , as of 2017 . I have recently purchased film cameras and gotten back into analog . The cameras I have purchased as of late are :  Leica M6 ( welcome back ! ) , Nikon F2 , Nikon f4S , and a Pentax 645N . I am really enjoying shooting with film again and in particular with the Pentax 645N . It slows me down and I am much more thoughtful in my approach now . All photos in the Urban Still Life album were shot with film cameras . 

This web-site gives me the opportunity to show my work from long ago to very recent . The portfolios here span from my travels , my friends and and everything in between . 

I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to contact me with your comments .